Sunsets - Prod. By Bigg Serg (Beat Video)

Sunsets – Prod. By Bigg Serg (Beat Video)

Sometimes you need to slow it down a bit, and you need a beat that can assist you like a behind the back Chris Paul pass. “Sunsets” definitely gives you relaxed vibe that has made artists like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y underground kings.

With a southern tone, “Sunsets” brings you solid melody without compromising on the bass. Through it on a smooth project, or use it as a transition track when changing up the pace.

Time to wind down, roll up, and put on your cool. Get “Sunsets” here.

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I'm Bigg Serg. I live in Atlanta, GA. I make beats, blog about ways to help music creators, and binge watch tv shows. I do a lot of other stuff, but that's what matters.

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