Yeah I Like To Blog! This Is My Story.

Yeah I Like To Blog! This Is My Story.

If you arrived here then you probably know that I like to make beats, but did you know that I also like to write? In my earlier days I would write poetry and did fairly well in my English courses (when I wasn’t sleeping). Writing was a way to release and be creative for me. You could even say I was “woke”,  as I would mostly write about a lot of racial inequality and injustice.
These days I like to write about a lot of different topics. Music, tech, pop culture or whatever peaks my interests, it doesn’t matter, I just like to write. Here at, I’m going to focus on mostly music industry related topics, and I’ll tell you why.
Many many moons ago (16 years to be exact) I decided I would start making beats. Actually, it was a sunny day on the south side of Atlanta just after I didn’t make the first cut of the JV basketball team that I told myself, “let’s try making music. You got a mean jump shot, but you ain’t no Jordan…”. So I called my father C-Dub (producer/dj/engineer) and told him I wanted a beat-machine. Then I begged my mom to use a child support check to buy it. She let me, and my dad recommended I get an Akai MPC 2000XL. At least that’s what I wished he had recommended. In reality, he told me I was to purchase a Korg ER-1 Electribe and a 4 track recorder (MSRP $399.00).

The one in only Korg ER-1

So I did, and over the next few years all I did was make music. I convinced my best friend Leonard to start rapping and we made tons of unprofessional records, and a few classics (if you ask us). I worked, studied, and learned until I got a firm understanding of the concepts of producing music. Looking back I now understand that my dad wanted me to learn the hard way, with limited tools, like he did.
Eventually I moved to Greenville, SC where my father and I started a recording studio/production company (BeatBanga Productions). It turned into a known haven for tons of local artists, and eventually we landed a talented young guy a record deal with a major label. This birthed my career as a serious producer and engineer. It also taught me how valuable a reliable team could be.

Engineering was not something I was initially interested in. It was tedious, it took a while, and I would have rather spent that time making beats. Until one day I walked in the studio while my father was mixing a record for an independent artist. It sounded so polished. The main vocals were blended nicely, and the adlibs were tucked in the background complimenting the main vocals perfectly. I was impressed. I had to figure out how he did it, what plugins he used,  and if he could duplicate the sound. I know what you’re thinking, “he showed you how and you lived happily ever after…”. Wrong. He showed me the basics and then I went on a journey of my own, where I would take his guidance and consistently stack on top of it (pun intended).

DMX and Bigg Serg after a session.

We ran the studio for nearly 10 years. We bought tons of dope equipment, recorded thousands of songs, and won a few awards. Occasionally, we would get the super star celebrity who would always be completely shocked at how they ended up in a 2 car garage converted into a studio. They would sit on the same couch that I slept on for a year when I lived with my Grandmother. A few of the more known stars included Dame Grease, DMX, Bohagon, Lord Tariq, and Juvenile. It was a great time to be alive. I was engineering, making beats, and making money. Then, it got old.
Around 2014 I decided to give it all up and move back to Atlanta. Oddly, I didn’t want to run a studio or make any music. I wanted to do anything but that. So I did. I got married, started working in the tech field, and totally quit music for a few years. Then a few years later I woke up, and it was back. The hunger to put together the right drums with the right melodies. The hunger to create. The hunger to share my creativity to the world. And here I am, sharing.
Sorry if that explanation was a bit long, but I felt you needed a little of my personal background to understand why  I’m qualified to be here. I’m not a super-producer or a celebrity, but I’ve made consistent money in the music business. Anyone that’s ever attempted to be successful in music industry knows how difficult this is. I’ve always represented the underdog, and I always will.
Marketing, producing, engineering, and surviving is something I know all too well. Now I’m going to share my losses and wins with you. You’ll also be getting incremental updates to my beat store, real product recommendations, news, and anything I can do to help artists and producers do what they do best- create. Broadcasting live from Atlanta, I’m Bigg Serg, and I’m back.
P.S: After a few years, I was able to get that Akai MPC 2000XL. As time continued we ended up buying 3 more, but we’ll discuss those in another post.

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I'm Bigg Serg. I live in Atlanta, GA. I make beats, blog about ways to help music creators, and binge watch tv shows. I do a lot of other stuff, but that's what matters.

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